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If you’re looking to translation in Abu Dhabi, Sim-Trans is the place to turn to! Since 1993, our team of certified and highly-skilled translators have been providing impeccable translations in over 150 languages around the world. We work with over 350 global clients, including Apple, Toyota, Coca-Cola, and Samsung. Simply put, we are the best translation company in Abu Dhabi for your needs! Learn more about us by clicking here.

What do we offer?

Sim-Trans is a #1 Certified Legal Translation Company in Abu Dhabi & Worldwide. Our dedication to service excellence, our extensive network of clients and certified legal translators allows us to guarantee delivery within 48 hours of your requirement. Quality is what we pledge to deliver. We are here 24/7 365 days a year to serve you better. We can handle any format whether it’s a scan or digital format or hard copy documents that need translation into English or Arabic we got you covered. Whatever your requirement may be – Certified Legal Translation, Birth Certificate Translation, Marriage Certificate Translation, Passport Translation / Validation / Authentication, Commercial Document Translations, Immigration Document Translations & Notarization and other specialist services, Sim-Trans will assist you with 100% accuracy assured.

Why choose us?

Sim-Trans is a #1 Certified Legal Translation Company in Abu Dhabi and Worldwide. We have vast experience and expertise, offering accurate, authentic and reliable translation services. Our team is dedicated to providing high quality translations. Due to our extensive experience, we are able to offer a complete range of high-quality legal services for your business needs. We have earned an impressive reputation for delivering top-quality results to meet our customers’ needs.

Excellent Translation Services in Abu Dhabi

Our team of expert translators is ready to assist you with your needs. If you’re looking for certified translation services in Abu Dhabi or a legal translation service, please feel free to get in touch. Our team of highly trained and experienced specialists will make sure that you receive precisely what you need, exactly when you need it. All of our translators are fluent not only in English but also in their native language; they all have degrees and years of experience behind them. We want to help companies succeed—and if your business requires accurate translations, we have just what you need. Contact us today!

Certified Legal Translation in Abu Dhabi

Over 95% of United Arab Emirates legal documents are written in Arabic. This makes it almost impossible for a person who does not understand Arabic to conduct his or her legal business without help from a certified translator. All official documents should be translated by certified translators so as to avoid any litigation due to invalidity of legal papers. Legal papers such as will, birth certificate, marriage contract and death certificate need not only be translated but also authenticated and notarized with Department of Justice (DoJ) or Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA).

Why you need Translation in Abu Dhabi

Are you an expat? Do you plan to move to another country soon? Does your job involve frequent travel abroad? If so, having a copy of your original birth certificate and marriage license on hand is essential. These documents could be crucial for living and working abroad, as well as for applying for visas to travel there. Whether you are a foreign national who wants to relocate or a U.S. citizen planning a trip abroad, it’s smart to have legal translations of your most important records at hand so that you can quickly and easily meet visa or employment requirements wherever you end up traveling or living.

Why Our Certified Translation Services?

While some people are opting for human translators, Sim-Trans remains a #1 Legal Translation Company with Certified and Verified Translators. We never compromise on quality, as our certified translators also undergo several training sessions to understand every aspect of legal translation work. Our certified translators are highly qualified and proficient professionals with experience of more than 10 years. They possess profound knowledge of legal terminologies used in different regions and countries, which makes them ideal to translate documents pertaining to legal domain.

Our Translation Services in Abu Dhabi

Sim-Trans Translation Services offers quality, affordable and professional translations of documents from English into Arabic and vice versa. Our services cover personal, legal, medical and official translations for a range of purposes including immigration, marriage and divorce certificates, birth certificate apostille etc. We provide instant email support for any queries you may have so that you can get all your translation needs taken care of within no time. The translators employed by us are native speakers in both English & Arabic as well as experts who have years of experience working with different types of legal documents. We never compromise on quality while providing you with top-notch service at very low prices to ensure maximum value for money.

All Kinds Of Legal, Certified, Academic, Medical Translation and Interpretation Services Under One Roof

Sim-Trans is a one-stop shop for all your language needs. We offer certified translations from more than 120 languages and can help you with legal, medical, technical and academic translations in over 190 countries. Our team of translators are native speakers who have undergone a rigorous screening process to ensure they meet our high standards. Whether you’re an individual looking for an urgent translation or a business with multiple language projects on its agenda, Sim-Trans is just a click away!

How We Handle Arabic to English Legal Translation at Sim-Trans

For over a decade, Sim-Trans has successfully provided legal translations for clients across nearly every industry and specialty. Whether you are a court reporting service, law firm, or even an individual who requires assistance with legal translations, our team of experts can help. We provide instant pricing on all of our services and turnaround times that make us one of the most efficient companies in the industry. When you need rapid turnarounds with high-quality results, we have you covered. We also offer 24/7 customer support to make sure that your questions are answered quickly and efficiently. Our translators are highly trained professionals with at least 5 years experience providing legal translations and are always up to date on any current terminology so that your documents will be translated accurately every time.

Certified Legal Translation in Abu Dhabi – 100% Acceptance Guarantee

You will be 100% satisfied with our services as all our translators are qualified legal and commercial experts. All of them are qualified and certified by many prestigious institutions including: Interpretation & Translation Centre (ITC), Emirates Institute for Translation (EIT), Association of Translators and Interpreters of Europe (ATIDE) and more… Certified Legal Translation in Abu Dhabi guarantees you a 100% acceptance rate, which means that your legal document will be accepted by all governmental entities including but not limited to courts, embassies, immigration centers, hospitals & medical clinics. The proof is simply shown via an accepted-by stamp or a certified seal from us on your document. We do even certify private documents.

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