Documents Attestation Services in Dubai

Document attestation services in Dubai

Documents Attestation Services in Dubai

We are providing Documents Attestation Services In Dubai because Attestation is a way to make sure that your personal and business documents are true when you move to a new country to live or work. Attestation from the UAE’s embassy in the Dubai shows that this paperwork is real. Without this step, your documents won’t be valid, and you won’t be able to finish your plans in the UAE.

We can take the stress out of the UAE document attestation process by taking care of everything for you. Our all-inclusive UAE document attestation service takes care of all the steps and can be used for personal documents like birth and marriage certificates, as well as business documents like contracts and invoices. Besides translating documents from English to Arabic, Sim-Trans also has certified English to Arabic translation in Dubai, so there’s no need for another company to do it.

Our Document Attestation Process in Dubai

Documents that need to be approved by the UAE embassy must first be checked by a lawyer and then the UAE Foreign Office . Once they have been approved by an official at the embassy, they can be sent on to the next step. Our service takes care of all three steps of document authentication, making sure that all paperwork is legitimate quickly and easily. Some documents don’t need to be checked by a lawyer, so we’ll get them signed by both the UAE embassy and the you local country.

It is possible for us to get your documents from the UAE’s embassy in one to two working days, or it can take seven working days to get them done. It doesn’t stop there: We also offer delivery by courier, as well as a way to send documents that need to go outside of the country. There are discounts for people who need three or more documents to be certified. Please get in touch with us if you want to learn more about our services.

Attestation Services for Commercial Documents

Companies from the other countries can only do business in the United Arab Emirates after the UAE embassy in Dubai has signed off on their business documents. This proves that the paperwork is real and will be accepted by the UAE government. To apply for a business visa in the United Arab Emirates, you need to go through this process.

At Sim-Trans, we can certify all kinds of business documents translation in Dubai, like contracts, invoices, and certificates of origin. The UAE Foreign Office and the UAE embassy in Dubai can also help us find out if there is any truth to what you are telling us. If you live outside of the UAE, we can also send your order by DHL.

How to use our UAE commercial document attestation service

Fulfil the following requirements:

Documents that need to be legalised must be stamped by a lawyer. Or by a notary public if there are more than one page that need to be done. Please note that we can’t finish this part of the process. Because the person who owns the document needs to be there to sign it. then send us the following:

  1. Original copies of the commercial documents you wish to attest, stamped by a UAE government bodies or notary public, as required.
  2. A completed Sim-Trans document attestation form, which can be downloaded by clicking the button on the right.

Attestation Services for Personal Documents

To live or work in the UAE. You must have your personal documents and certificates checked by the UAE embassy first. This process makes sure that the documents will be accepted by the UAE government.

Unfortunately, this can be a long and confusing process, and it can be very costly if you do it wrong. This is where our UAE attestation service comes in. We can check personal documents like birth certificates, university degrees, and passports to make sure they are real. People from outside the United Arab Emirates can use our service, too. Because DHL delivery is also available to people who live in the United Arab Emirates.

We provide an all-in-one solution to legalise your certificates quickly and easily. These are the three stages in order:

  1. Your documents are stamped by a solicitor/ Lawyer
  2. Your papers are taken to be verified by the local Foreign Office
  3. Finally, your certificates get attested by the UAE embassy in Dubai

The following documents do not need to be authenticated by a solicitor

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