Driving License Translation in Dubai

Driving License Translation in Dubai

Driving License Translation in Dubai

Driving License Translation in Dubai is important for both citizens and people who moved to the United Arab Emirates. Not only are they used to let people drive cars, but they are also used as a way to identify people. A certified translation in Dubai is needed if you have a driving licence from another country. This way, you can enjoy the benefits that come with the licence. The good news is that Sim-Trans has been translating licences from all over the world for a long time. We promise that the people who want our translation will accept it.

We can help you with:

Get your UAE Driving license in just 2-3 hours

If you are an international driver in the UAE, getting your UAE driving license can be quite the process. First, you’ll need to obtain an international driving license translation in Dubai and then make an appointment with the Department of Motor Vehicles. This can take up to three days if you don’t have all the necessary paperwork ready to go, and even longer if your country doesn’t have any offices overseas where they can send your international driving license translation in Dubai first before mailing it to you!

How many things can you drive?

When you first get a driving license, you probably think you can drive any car ever built. After all, if you pass all those driver’s tests, it has to mean you’re ready for anything! While that may be true as far as actually operating a vehicle is concerned, laws change and since driving licenses aren’t international documents (which means there’s no standard format across borders), your home country’s driving license may not be acceptable everywhere. So before taking off on that round-the-world trip or planning to live in another country temporarily or permanently, it might be a good idea to double check whether your home country’s driving license is valid where you’re going. If not, then make sure to apply for an International Driving Permit (IDP) before leaving home.

Just Need Driving License Translation?

Many people living and working in Dubai are not familiar with Arabic as they might know a couple of words or phrases, but lack proficiency. Arabic is widely spoken throughout United Arab Emirates, so driving around without understanding any Arabic can get you into situations that could put you at risk. If you would like to drive a car on UAE roads, it’s important to ensure that everyone can understand what you’re saying; we offer translations of driving licenses and other documents from English to Arabic. By getting us to translate your documents, not only do we make them easier for those who don’t speak English to understand—we also reduce any potential accidents by ensuring that everyone involved understands one another.

What Do You Need to Consider?

The driving test takes only 10 minutes. You will be given questions based on traffic rules and regulations of Dubai. In addition, you need to submit a translation of your driving license or your original driving license. The translation can be carried out by any translator that is approved by Emirates Authority for Nationality and Citizenship (EANAC). You will also be required to take a vision test at an eyecare specialist clinic. You should bring along your glasses if you wear them while driving. If you don’t have a glasses prescription from an EANAC registered doctor, then it is advisable to get one from any EANAC registered doctor before taking up the driving test.

How to get driving license in Dubai


Driving license


If you’re a national of one of these countries and you have an International Driving Permit (IDP), getting a UAE driving license is even easier. All you need to do is bring your IDP and an original copy of your driving record or logbook. Both documents must be translated into Arabic, and then attached to an application form, along with another copy of both documents. You will also need to take a vision test and pay for costs incurred during testing, including photos, fingerprints and other fees. Once all requirements are met, there is no waiting period to receive your Emirates Driving License; within 48 hours after receiving confirmation from Dubai Police Department (DPD), you will get it right at home by courier service.

Driving License Legal Translation Services in JLT, Dubai, UAE


Driving license translation services


At Sim Trans Translation provide High Quality Legal Documents Translation Services which includes Driving License Legal Translation Services in JLT, Dubai, UAE. We are operating worldwide and serving our translation services to clients all over United Arab Emirates (UAE) since last 16 years. Sim-Trans have a team of dedicated and professionally qualified translators who always ensure that they do their work with 100% accuracy and also within given time frame. Our Company also provide legal translation services for other documents like marriage certificate translation, medical certificate translation, birth certificate translation etc.

Why You Need Driving License Translation in Dubai?

Some countries’ driving licenses are written in languages different from Arabic. If you wish to get driving license in Dubai, you must first get it translated into Arabic. The translation process is painless and requires a few simple steps: sending us copies of your ID and driver’s license, providing some basic information about yourself (like contact details) and choosing whether or not you want optional insurance to cover any damages that might occur while using a vehicle.

Request your copy of Dubai driving license today! Driving License Translation in Dubai Process In order to drive legally in Dubai. Drivers must have a valid international driving permit issued by their home country. But before they can apply for their international driving permit, they need to have their national driving license translated into Arabic.

Our professional translators will be able to translate your driving license without any problems and help you apply for an international driving permit as soon as possible. When you request your copy of Dubai driving license with us, we’ll provide a complete list of instructions on how you can submit documents and payment so our experts can start working on them right away. Once we receive all necessary documents from you, our translators will review them thoroughly so they know exactly what needs translating.

Can I convert my driving license in Dubai?

No, Dubai does not recognize driving licenses from India. An individual needs to go through a series of tests conducted by Dubai RTA before obtaining a driving licence. For getting a driving license, applicants must have clear vision. An applicant should be over 18 years of age or should have completed his/her 18th year on or before 1st January of the year during which he/she submits an application for obtaining a driving license or authorization card. Moreover, they must possess competent knowledge of traffic rules and regulations; and sufficient knowledge and control over their ability to drive safely vehicles of their category (category varies depending on your citizenship). All applications for learner’s permit/driving licence are valid for one year from date of issue.

Which countries can convert driving license to UAE?

it is legal to drive a car or motorcycle with a valid driver’s license issued by any country provided it is written in English language. Driving licences issued by countries not signatories to these conventions can be used for up to one year, whereafter they must be converted into international driving licence (IDL). To find out whether a non-national’s driving licence has been recognised by Dubai Courts please call 8009090. Alternatively, you may download a PDF version of Recognised Driving Licences here.

How can I change my driving licence from Dubai to International?

To change or upgrade an international driving licence to an International Driving Permit, a foreign national must visit one of two Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) licensing agents based in Dubai. One is located on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, near Emirates Towers and Mall of Emirates, while another is situated opposite Al Ghusais metro station. To qualify for an international driving permit, any driver must present their original driving licence and pass a test. If a driver has been fined for speeding or not wearing a seatbelt within six months of applying for an international driving permit then they cannot drive until they have paid their fine.

Getting a driving licence – The Official Portal of the UAE Government

The first thing that you should do before you apply for a driving licence is to make sure that your legal status is sorted out. Once you have satisfied yourself that everything is in order. It’s time to head down to one of three RTA Licensing Centres and apply for a licence. Note: You can check online whether or not your residence has a licensing centre as well as find out where they are located. As an expat, an authenticated translation of your original driving licence will be required (the RTA office can help with that). If not residing in Dubai, then all of what’s mentioned above will also apply. Only after all these formalities are done can you get on with getting your driving licence.

Certified translations of driving licences

Many people need to have a valid driver’s licence to be able to move quickly and plan ahead. But each country (and sometimes even alliances between countries) issues driving licences in a different format and with different rules about how long they last. There may be times when a driver’s licence won’t work in another country or has restrictions on how it can be used (e.g. for a short period of time).

For example, a driving licence from the European Union (EU) is valid in all EU member states. Other countries don’t accept it as a substitute for an international licence. If you get a driving licence from outside of the European Union, it may only be valid in the country where it was given. In addition to getting an international driving licence, you can also get a translation and certification of the document so that you can show that you have a valid permit to drive a car outside of your home country.

Drivers Licence Translation Service

In addition, Sim-Trans is a certified translation agency in Dubai and a top provider of professional and certified drivers’ licence translation. Having worked with a lot of different people. We know that each translation is unique and that each person needs to be approached from a different angle. A native speaker of the language you want to learn will not only translate your driver’s licence for you, but he or she will also certify it, which is part of the price.

Our Drivers Licence Translations are:

  • certified
  • authenticated
  • Fully approved

To ask us a question or to finish translating your driver’s licence, send an email to info@sim-trans.com. A member of our project team will get back to you in a few minutes. Alternatively, you can use one of the contact forms on our website to get in touch with us. We will get back to you in 30 minutes with an accurate quote.

How long will it take to translate my drivers licence? 

If you need a certified translation service, it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. We know that, so we can translate a standard driver’s licence in just 24 hours after we get it. When you want to save time, you can scan and email your document instead of writing it out. It will be sent to the person who translated it. It will be certified, stamped, and signed by the people in charge of the company.

Driving License Translation Services in Dubai

If so, do you need a certified translation of the driver’s licence that you have? if you want to drive in another country and you have personal documents that are written in another language, you will need a certified driver’s licence translation. Sim-Trans can give you an Legal translation in Dubai of your driving licence in less than 24 hours, and they can do it quickly.

Driving License Translation Services

Sim-Trans has seen people who are going to another country translate their driver’s licences for a number of different reasons. People who have a driver’s licence in their home country are more likely to get a driver’s licence in many other countries.

In order to apply for some jobs, you need to show your driver’s licence. So you get your driver’s licence translated before you apply.

There are a lot of places where the translation of a driver’s licence can be hard. A driver’s licence is different from country to country, so the things on it can be different. The books that some countries give out are better than the cards that other countries give out. Many countries have different levels of driving skills that aren’t recognised all over the world. That’s why it can be hard to translate a driver’s licence into another language.

Our translation services are accurate in almost all of the world’s languages. As a member of the ATA, we have translators who speak more than 120 languages and can help you with your project. Find an ATA certified translator in your area will be difficult, but we’re here to give you a certified translation at the best prices.

When is a certified translation of driving license needed?

Why would you get your driving licence translated by someone who is qualified to do so? A few of them are:

The job you are applying for, in another country, requires that you have a driver’s licence. You are including your driver’s licence in the application. If the driver’s licence was given to you in your native language, then it will need to be changed.
Traveling outside your home country, you might think that when you show your driver’s licence from home. You’ll be given a short-term licence. That’s not true!
For example, if you travel to the whole of Europe, North America, and the Middle East and your driver’s licence from your home country will be accepted there too.
You may also need to get your driver’s licence translated for a personal or unique reason.
The following are some of the reasons someone might need to get a certified translation of their driving licence. There are times when a translation needs to be notarized, and we can do it just as quickly if you need a notarized translation, too!

What are the steps we take to make the translation beyond reproach?

Sim-Trans is here to make sure that the translation of your driver’s licence that you get is free of any possible mistakes. We have set up a system that will give you the best translations.

Initial Translator: The first translator will do the first translation and make sure that all of the content is correct.
During this second review, another translator will make sure that no parts or sections of the text are left untranslated.
This is what our quality assurance team will do. They will make sure that all of the content is correct. And then send the final translation package to the client.
All of these steps are in place to make sure that the translation. We give to our clients is correct and will make you happy that you used our services.

What are the requirements driver’s license translation has to follow?

The translation of the driver’s licence must follow these rules in order to be accepted by everyone.

Getting the translation to be certified is the only way to get your driver’s licence to be valid in another language.
It must be certified by the ATA for the translator. Or the company that does the translation to be able to translate from his native language into English. We are a member of the ATA.

What is an ATA Certified Translator?

American Translators Association is the name of the group for translators in the United States. This means that the translator who has pass the test for their native language translation to and from English will be called an ATA Certified Translator. If you want to be a translator in the United States. You need to be certified by the American Translators Association (ATA). Translations should be done by translators who are certified by the ATA. If they are going to be sent to a serious US institution. It is also a well-respected creditor of translators around the world. And the translations that are done by an ATA certified translator have a lot of weight all over the world.

What to do when certified translation of driving license is needed

When you need to get a translation of your driving licence. You start to have a lot of doubts about what you need to do. It’s actually a very small thing, translating a driving licence, to do so. When you got your driver’s licence, you had to pass a lot of tests. A lot of work went into the training, the tests, and the documentation. It was a lot of work just by itself. When you finally get it, you can’t use it in another country.

We’re not going to make you worry. In the past, we have translated driving licences for people all over the world. The fact that you can drive your own car no matter where you live doesn’t make us happy. People who want to work as a driver in a different country need to have a licence. Most of the time, these people get an international driving licence. But if you aren’t one of them, you don’t have to worry about it. We will translate your driving licence, but we will keep all of the information the same.

If you need your driving licence or any other document in the country where you’re going. Our experts can help you.

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