Certified Translation in Dubai

Certified Translation in Dubai

Certified Translation in Dubai

Sim-Trans is the best translation company in Dubai to get officially certified translation in Dubai in more than 250 languages. To get certified translations at a good price, we use native, professional, and legally accredited sworn translators who speak the language well.

As soon as you click “Upload Files,” you can get a free quote in 30 minutes for a fully certified translation service.


Certified Translation Services in Dubai

If you live in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, or the rest of the UAE, you can use our fully certified translation services in Dubai, Or certified translation in Abu Dhabi for documents, certificates, and other materials in more than 250 different languages. If you live outside of the UAE, you can use our services, too. It doesn’t matter if you need to translate and certify your documents for business or personal reasons. We can help you. If you need Legal translation in Dubai, you can be sure that it was done by a qualified translator or a registered linguist, and that it comes with a “Certificate of Translation.” These translations are widely accepted in the UAE and around the world.

You might not know what “certified translation” means, but here is the answer: Officially certified, sworn or notarized translations of documents done by a translator who has been approved by the government are called certified translation services. These translations come with a statement of truth with a stamp and signature from the representative of the translation agency or a linguist. Customers can show their translated documents and materials to the Home Office, courts of law, and other government bodies in Dubai as well as other countries.

Clients and businesses in the UAE and around the world can get certified translations from our Dubai-based agency. One of the fastest-growing language service companies in Dubai, we provide legally accredited, sworn, notarized, and fully certified translations of all types of documents and formats from and into more than 250 different languages.

Legalised Translation

Legalised translation, also known as a certified translation, is a specialized type of translation service where official documents are translated and certified for accuracy and authenticity. This process ensures the translated documents are legally valid for official use.

Legalised Translation Services in Dubai

Legalised translation services are in high demand in Dubai, a multicultural and global business hub. Legalised services involve translating and certifying official documents like contracts and certificates for various purposes, such as:

Sim-trans Certified company in Dubai, offers legalised translation, ensuring documents meet local regulations and maintain legal validity. We are recognized and accepted by government departments, embassies, and other official entities in the region.

What is Certified Translation in Dubai?

Certified translation in Dubai are official translations of documents or certificates that are signed and dated by the translator or company that did them. They come with a statement of fact and are signed and dated by the translator or company that did them. Customers can show important translated documents to government agencies like the Home, Office and courts of law, both in UAE and around the world. This certification lets them do that, too. It’s official: Sim-Trans is a fully-licensed translation company in Dubai and a member of the Association of Translation Companies. We specialize in providing certified translation services in Dubai more than 250 languages.


Generally, a certified translation meets all of the requirements of the country in question, allowing your translated documents to be used in formal procedures. The translator or translation agency takes responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of the translation. It’s important to keep in mind that these rules can be very different from country to country. However, as an official language service, we can help you figure out what kind of certified translation you might need.


Foreign documents are officially verified in the UAE when a language service provider, like ours, issues an officially signed and authorized statement of truth. This statement says that the translation from one language to another is an accurate and true representation of the original. When submitting legal documents for official reasons, it’s usually best to get certified translations. It’s also possible that they don’t know what a “certified translation” is or how to get one.

Our verified document translation services cover:

Different Types of Certified Translations in Dubai

Sim-Trans provides certified, sworn and officially legalised translations, which are accepted in Dubai and globally. We explain the differences below:

Certified Translation in Dubai

Most of the time, a standard certified translation in Dubai to be used legally in court. This type of document certification is signed and stamped by the legal translator in Dubai or translation company in Dubai and comes with a cover letter that lists all the information.

Notarised Translation in Dubai

In some cases, you may need to get more certification. Notarized Translation Certificate: This refers to a Notarized Translation Certificate.

Sworn Translation in Dubai

Sworn translation in Dubai need the linguist to testify that they have done the translation and that they have told the truth about the translation. This must be done in front of a lawyer or notary public. Governments outside of the Dubai may ask for a “sworn translation.”

Certified translation services in Dubai by native language experts

Our translation company in Dubai specialises in official translation in Dubai, which you might need if you want to send legal documents to government bodies like the Home Office, the Courts of Law, or schools.

We provide professional certified translation services in English to Arabic and other popular languages, including:

Everything you need to know about certified translation in Dubai

Our company translates a lot of different documents for a lot of different people. A certified translation of your documents, like standard certificates or official documents, as well as business and commercial documents, can be done by us. If you’re a private person who needs a certified translation for your own use or if you need to translate documents for a business, we can help you get what you need. We also accept a lot of different types of documents, so you can translate PDF files or any other type of file you want.

Why would you need your translation certified? There are a lot of different reasons why you might need to do this. Our standard certified translation service is legal in Dubai. It includes a statement that confirms who is responsible for the translation, the company’s accreditation to translate and certify, that it is an accurate and professional translation of the original document, and the contact information for our Dubai office.

People often think that because they can speak two languages well, they can translate the document and then show it to the authorities. This isn’t always true. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

Here and here are two places where you can read honest and professional reviews of certified translation service providers. You can also watch a video on this website that explains in more detail what a certified translation service is. You can do this by going to this website.

This is how long it usually takes us to get a standard certified translation of a document done. However, the process might take a little longer if your documents have more than 2,500 words in them, or if you need a certain type of certification (e.g. Notarised translation). You will get an official quote that gives you an exact turnaround time for your project.

It is very simple and easy to get your certified translation from us, and we make it very easy for you. 4 easy steps:

Send us your documents either by email or through one of our contact forms, and we will get back to you as soon as possible (scanned documents accepted).
If you give us 30 minutes, we’ll send you back a quote.
Finally, we start the process.
You get the certified translation on time, as agreed.

Translation & certification process for documents in Dubai

The amount of time it takes to translate and certify your documents depends on a lot of things, like how many words there are in your documents and the language they are in. However, in most cases, we can finish the whole thing in just 24 hours.

Document certifications we offer:

For some of the biggest and most important brands in the world, as well as private customers in the United Kingdom and around the world, we’ve translated and authenticated documents. We can really help your content speak to an international audience, in any language. All of our translations have been officially certified and are legally valid.

Why should you choose us for translating & certifying your documents?

What documents does our certified translation service cover?

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