How To Contact the German Consulate Dubai?

How To Contact the German Consulate Dubai?

How To Contact the German Consulate Dubai?

It’s not always easy to contact the German consulate Dubai, but there are several ways you can do it. Here’s how to contact the German consulate Dubai by phone, email and other means.

If you need to arrange consular services or general inquiries and Legal services from German officials in Dubai. Let’s get started!

What Is the Right Department to Email or Call?

Each consulate or embassy website should list a way to contact them. If it’s not obvious on their site, then google is your friend.

Find out what department you need by using Google – Google is your friend: department name + consulate Dubai (You could also search by department names such as visas) and also if needed: how do I get in touch with [name of department] at German Consulate Dubai.

Once you know who to contact and how – go ahead and reach out via email or telephone call! (Emails are usually easier but sometimes getting an actual human makes all the difference!)

Where Are All German Consulates Located Globally?

The German government has set up an online list of all German consulates around the world.

Click here for a list of all global locations. The German Consulate Dubai is located at: 40th Floor, Investment Tower No. 2, Sheikh Zayed Road PO Box 602048, DIFC – Downtown Jebel Ali Free Zone Dubai UAE.

You can also email them at or call +971 4 3499 070 or send them a fax at +971 4 3498 700 from anywhere around the world.

Do I Need an Appointment Before Contacting Them?

No. The German consulate Dubai will not require you to make an appointment before contacting them. Rather, you may freely call or visit their offices during normal business hours.

You will however be required to go through a security check and present your passport as a form of identification.

What Documents Do I Need When Contacting Them?

The German Consulate Dubai or Embassy cannot be contacted without documents proving your German citizenship. Many countries require you to show a copy of your passport and visa.

Check with them for exact instructions about what information you need to provide. Here are some general guidelines: Passport – The consulates will want a full-color, current passport from Germany when applying for a German passport abroad.

Once received, they will issue an exit visa in Germany that allows you travel and stay there until your new passport arrives by mail.

You can apply for an international German passport at any embassy or consulates abroad, as long as you are a legal resident of that country. Otherwise, you must apply through an embassy or consulate located within Germany’s borders.

When Can They Help Me with My Issue If It’s Urgent?

If you have an urgent issue, such as a Documents translation in Dubai, visa problem or a family emergency, there are some German consulates that offer an urgent service (the website should specify), though you may still need to make an appointment.

However, you can try going directly to your German embassy if it’s more convenient: There are German embassies and consulates in nearly every major city around the world.

For example, if you’re in Morocco and have a visa problem but don’t live near Rabat, don’t go directly to Rabat; instead, head across town to Casablanca’s office of Germany’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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