How to Get SIRA Certificate?

How to Get SIRA Certificate?

How to Get SIRA Certificate?
Interpreter Dubai July 20, 2023

The SIRA certificate, issued by the Security Industry Regulatory Agency, holds paramount importance in the security industry. Because of this accreditation, the public is certain that security professionals and companies adhere to the highest quality standards. It serves as proof of compliance with strict regulatory regulations.

This guide presents a concise and comprehensive overview of the process to acquire the SIRA certificate, from eligibility requirements and training to assessment and renewal procedures. If you need any more help and detail, please go to this link: SIRA Contact.

What is SIRA Certificate?

SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Agency) Certificate is a certification that allows individuals to work in the private security sector in Dubai. The organization that controls and governs Dubai’s private security sector, SIRA, is issuing the certificate. The certificate guarantees that those engaged in the security industry adhere to requirements and are certified to offer security services.

SIRA accreditation is required for everyone who wants to work in the security profession in Dubai. To monitor security measures, guarantee Dubai is a secure city, and accredit the appropriate personnel for security responsibilities, the Dubai Government launched it in 2016.

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Purpose of SIRA Certificate

Sira certificate


Anyone who wishes to operate in the security profession in the United Arab Emirates must possess the Security Profession Regulatory Agency (SIRA) Certificate. This certification guarantees that those employed in the sector have the abilities and know-how to offer customers high-security services.

The certificate is necessary to apply for a license to operate in the private security industry, overseen and regulated by SIRA in Dubai. The SIRA certificate aims to provide clients peace of mind that the security specialists they engage are properly trained and equipped to handle security-related tasks.

Types of SIRA Certification

SIRA offers various types of certification depending on the level of security services provided. The most common certifications are:

  1. Security Guards
  2. Supervisors Certification
  3. Security System Certification
  4. Consultancy Certification

The Security Guards and Supervisors Certification is mandatory for individuals working in the security industry. The Security System Certification is for security equipment and system providers,

while the Consultancy Certification is for security consultancy firms. Each certification requires different eligibility criteria and documents, so check before applying.

Eligibility Criteria

A certificate can only be obtained if specific requirements are satisfied. A background check is required, and the candidate must be at least 21 years old and free of any past crimes. In addition, the applicant must possess the necessary expertise in their industry, such as security or firefighting.

Before applying for a certificate, the candidate must also finish any necessary training or qualifications. Meeting these criteria ensures that the applicant is qualified to obtain a SIRA certificate and will contribute to the overall safety and security of the UAE.

Requirements for obtaining a Certificate of SIRA

Various conditions must be followed:

  1. Anyone requesting the certificate must show proof of identity, such as a passport or government-issued identification card.
  2. Candidates must also provide proof of their credentials and employment history in the security industry. This can contain credentials from pertinent training programs, such as certifications or diplomas, as well as proof of prior employment.
  3. Applicants must also furnish a clean criminal record and submit to a background investigation.

Certification Process in 3 easy steps

Once you have determined your eligibility for a certificate of SIRA, the next step is to undergo the certification process. The process includes:

  • Step 1: Application Submission.
  • Step 2: Providing the necessary documents and information. – (for required documents list, please read previous paragraph)
  • Step 3: Completing an assessment or examination.

The certification process may vary depending on the type of certification you are applying for and the requirements of the SIRA authorities. Preparing well and ensuring you meet all the criteria to ensure the certification process runs smoothly is important.

Renewal and Maintenance

After obtaining a certificate, keeping it updated and maintained regularly is essential. The certificate’s validity is three years, after which it needs to be renewed. The renewal process involves submitting the necessary documents and re-evaluating to ensure that the individual or organization still complies with the SIRA requirements.

Please renew the certificate to avoid suspension or revocation of the certification. The certificate’s maintenance involves periodic assessments and audits to ensure continued compliance with SIRA standards and guidelines.

Benefits of having a SIRA Certificate

Obtaining a certificate is beneficial for those seeking employment in the security industry, as it is a requirement for many security-related jobs in the UAE. It demonstrates that the holder has undergone rigorous training and passed security management, risk assessment, and emergency planning examinations.

This certification can also enhance one’s career prospects, as it shows a commitment to professionalism and competency in the security field. Additionally, having a certificate of SIRA may increase job security and potential for advancement within the industry.

Industry Impact

Having a certificate from SIRA positively impacts various industries, such as:

  1. Commercial Properties
  2. Residential Properties
  3. Hospitality
  4. Medical/Healthcare
  5. Events management

It assures clients and customers that the organization follows the highest security standards and has qualified professionals to handle security risks.

The certificate also helps organizations comply with local and international security regulations, enhancing their reputation and competitiveness in the market. Moreover, having a SIRA certification creates job opportunities for security professionals and contributes to the security industry’s growth.

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