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Interpreter In Dubai

Are You Looking for an interpreter in Dubai? We’ve got you covered!

If you’re looking for an interpreter in Dubai, look no further than our company − the best interpretation services in the country! From conferences to business negotiations, we can provide high-quality interpretation in over 200 languages and dialects − including Arabic to English and English to Arabic! Whether you’re at a large convention or hosting an intimate meeting, we can accommodate all of your interpreting needs. Contact us today to set up your free consultation! We look forward to hearing from you!

Why do you need a qualified interpreter?

Are you looking for a certified, experienced and reliable language interpreter to help with your event or conference? When it comes to interpreting, simultaneous isn’t just a fancy word. If you’re looking for a certified Arabic to English simultaneous (two-way) interpretation service, there are three things to look out for: experience, certification and quality. We have trained our certified interpreters on how to interpret face-to-face or via any technological platform. Moreover, he/she should also be accustomed to dealing with different cultural contexts and environments of communication. How not to react during complicated situations which might result in miscommunication; and how best not to lose focus while interpreting simultaneously. All our interpreters are UAE Ministry of Justice Certified Interpreters and hold years of professional experience. They work across a variety of sectors including legal, medical, business, education and more. So whether you need an interpreter for your company’s next board meeting or conference call, we’ve got you covered!

We can provide consecutive interpretation as well as simultaneous interpretation services in both English to Arabic and Arabic to English languages at all levels: from basic meetings to complex conferences – we can handle them all.

Why choose us?

If a company is offering both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services, it is important to decide which would best fit your needs. Simultaneous interpretation means that speakers are simultaneously interpreted into another language. In other words, all of their words are translated and spoken out loud as they speak. We have given opportunity to the people to have conversation with different dialects, without waiting for one person’s speech. Consecutive interpretation is when interpreters translate what each speaker says after they finish talking. While simultaneous interpreting is often used at conferences or large events with multiple speakers and attendees, consecutive interpreting can be more appropriate for smaller groups or one-on-one meetings where there may not be many opportunities to interpret between languages.

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Sim-Trans is Dubai and Abu Dhabi based Translation Company

English to Arabic and Arabic to English simultaneous interpretation is a specialty of Sim-Trans. Founded by native English and Arabic speakers with extensive experience, we provide professional interpreting services to our clients worldwide. Our interpreters are all highly qualified professionals who are proficient in business, legal or medical terminology. Our interpreters can handle conferences and other types of events requiring both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. We also offer translation services from English into Arabic or vice versa. Our translators have years of experience working as translators and as interpreters in government agencies, courts, international organizations (UN), schools (college/university) etc., so they know how to translate accurately from one language into another while keeping cultural nuances intact. You can rely on us for accuracy, confidentiality and fast turnaround time at competitive rates.


How does our interpreting services work?

Our Remote Interpreting Service involves having our Interpreters located at a remote location, while they interpret into one of our ‘working languages’ via telecommunication equipment. This can be done either Simultaneously (talking live), or after a short delay (Simultaneously taking notes and then interpreting after). Our main languages are English-Arabic and Arabic-English, but we also have teams of interpreters in other foreign languages available on request. For example we can also provide Ukrainian interpretation services. In some cases it is necessary to visit with our interpreters due to equipment issues, as when working with specialized technical equipment that only works within limited distances from transmitters; or when space is too small for adequate equipment set up etc.


What should you expect from a good interpreter?

It’s always good to know exactly what you can expect from your chosen interpreter. That’s why we have outlined some of our best practices below • Certified Interpreters: All of our interpreters are certified by their respective organizations, ensuring that they meet industry standards and are able to provide top-quality interpretation services. They also undergo regular training, so they stay up-to-date with new developments in their field and can keep pace with changes as they happen. Our staff is fluent in English and Arabic, which means that all clients receive highly accurate interpretation services regardless of language combination. • Simultaneous Interpretation: If a large number of people will be present at your event, simultaneous interpretation may be necessary. This allows everyone at a meeting or conference to understand speakers at once without needing headphones or headsets; it is more expensive than consecutive interpretation but allows for better communication between participants. Title: Looking for an interpreter in Dubai? We’ve got you covered! What should you expect from a good interpreter?: It’s always good to know exactly what you can expect from your chosen interpreter.


What kind of events do we interpret at?

Interpreters can provide simultaneous and consecutive interpretation for any event − meetings, conferences, workshops, seminars, and business negotiations – and in any language. Our main language combinations are English to Arabic and Arabic to English. We specialize in these types of events: Our experienced interpreters can provide simultaneous and consecutive interpretation for any event − meetings, conferences, workshops, seminars, and business negotiations – and in any language. Our main language combinations are English to Arabic and Arabic to English.


Why choose Sim-Trans as your partner for your next project?

Sim-Trans have been providing interpreting services to clients within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) since 2004, and have built up a reputation as one of leading interpretation companies within Dubai. Our competitively priced services are 100% reliable, with no hidden costs or extra fees. Whether you need Arabic-English or English-Arabic translation and interpretation solutions, our team will help make your experience stress free and worry free by listening to your needs carefully to ensure that each project is perfectly tailored to suit your exact requirements.


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