Consecutive Interpretation Services in Dubai

Consecutive Interpretation Services in Dubai

Consecutive Interpretation Services in Dubai is when the speaker gives a chunk of information and then stops for the interpreter to give the information in the target language after the speaker. The interpreter usually takes notes while the speaker talks on a notepad, but some consecutive interpreters use other technology.

In this type of interpreting, the interpreters have a lot more time to think about what they’re going to say before they say it. In court, small business meetings, and training sessions.

Consecutive Interpreting Services in Dubai for Business

Our translation company in Dubai has professional consecutive interpreters in Dubai who have been trained in a variety of business fields. Often, terminology and concepts are best explained when the interpreter also has a lot of knowledge about the subject and is native in the language they are translating.
It is possible for us to provide Consecutive Interpretation Services in Dubai in more than 250 languages for a wide range of businesses. Translators in different languages from around the world work for us, so we can serve Dubai and the rest of the world.

Our Interpreting Expertise

We have been translating for businesses all over the world for a long time now. In addition, we also offer a variety of interpreting services that can be used in a variety of situations. Our services include:

Booking a Consecutive Interpreter

People who work for Sim-Trans should help you figure out what kind of interpreter you need before you choose one. Then, in addition to consecutive interpreting, we also offer a different type of interpreting service that may be better suited to your needs.
If you want to get in touch with your local office, send an email to, or call us.

How does consecutive interpreting work?

Using Sim-Trans’ consecutive interpreting service is a great way to translate conversations between small groups. The service can be used for both in person and over the phone or video feed.

Continuous interpretation is different from simultaneous interpretation, which is when an interpreter translates while a speaker talks. Consecutive interpreters speak during the gaps between sentences. Interpreters who work together might use a pen and paper to write down their notes so that they can give the most accurate translation in Dubai possible. Other than that, they don’t need any special technology to work.

Because of the way consecutive interpretation works, it can take longer than simultaneous interpretation. However, the format is by far the best way to translate for small groups, meetings, and interviews because it lets people talk to each other without having to talk over each other.

To be able to do consecutive interpretation well, an interpreter must be able to speak the native languages of all the people in the room. This way, they will be able to translate any questions each person might have for the other person, and they will be able to accurately show all sides of a conversation, too.

Do you need consecutive interpretation services in Dubai?

If you’re having a small meeting with people who speak different languages, consecutive interpreting is the best way to make sure everyone can understand each other.

Anyone who gives a speech will have to take a lot of breaks so that interpreters can translate. Consecutive interpreters don’t need to use a lot of expensive equipment, which makes them very cheap.

Sim-Trans will make sure your consecutive interpreting service fits your needs. To speed things up, we suggest that you tell your interpreter about any important background information before they start translating. This will make sure they know what they might be translating.

Consecutive Interpretation Services

Consecutive Interpretation is a type of service that is best for small business meetings and interviews where accuracy is important.

This allows them to carefully translate the meaning of each point made by the speaker To make sure everyone understands what’s going on, the consecutive translator must be able to accurately convey the nuances and meaning of each point, making sure that everyone is clear on the subject. Make sure that meetings with people who speak different languages. Go well by having everyone speak the same language.

Having a Consecutive Interpreter at your meetings makes sure that everyone has the confidence to make their points clear. It also makes sure that everyone knows what they’re agreeing to. Whether it’s a business deal or a new job contract.


Consecutive Interpretations is best for small meetings. With a limited number of participants. Meetings that Consecutive Interpreters are great for:

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