Visa-Free Countries for Philippines Passport Holders in 2023

Visa-Free Countries for Philippines Passport Holders in 2023

Visa-Free Countries for Philippines Passport Holders in 2023
Interpreter Dubai September 14, 2023

Are you a Philippines passport holder planning a travel abroad in 2023? Travelers with Philippine passports can visit several nations, each with its own visa requirements. Philippines passport holders can travel to 63 different countries without needing a visa. In-depth information on the places Philippines residents can travel to without a visa is provided in this thorough reference including information on both electronic (eVisas) and conventional visas and those that accept Electronic Travel Authorizations (eTAs).

In this blog post, we will explore all the countries that allow visa-free travel for Filipino passport holders in 2023 and any other entry requirements you should be aware of before you embark on your journey.

Philippines Passport Holders Travel Without a Visa, 2023

  1. Antigua and Barbuda
  2. Barbados
  3. Bolivia
  4. Brazil
  5. Brunei
  6. Cambodia
  7. Colombia
  8. Cook Islands
  9. Costa Rica
  10. Ivory Coast
  11. Dominica
  12. Fiji
  13. Haiti
  14. Hong Kong
  15. Indonesia
  16. Israel
  17. Kazakhstan
  18. Laos
  19. Macau
  20. Malaysia
  21. Micronesia
  22. Mongolia
  23. Morocco
  24. Myanmar
  25. Niue
  26. Palestine
  27. Peru
  28. Rwanda
  29. Samoa
  30. Singapore
  31. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  32. Suriname
  33. Taiwan
  34. Tajikistan
  35. Thailand
  36. Gambia
  37. Vanuatu
  38. Vietnam

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Which Countries Issue E Visa to Philippines Citizens?

  1. Armenia
  2. Bahrain
  3. Djibouti
  4. Ethiopia
  5. Gabon
  6. Georgia
  7. Guinea
  8. India
  9. Kenya
  10. Lesotho
  11. Montserrat
  12. Qatar
  13. Russia
  14. São Tomé and Príncipe
  15. South Africa
  16. South Sudan
  17. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  18. Türkiye
  19. Ukraine
  20. Uzbekistan
  21. Zambia
  22. Zimbabwe

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Which Countries Issue Visa on Arrival to Filipino Passport Holders?

  1. Benin
  2. Burundi
  3. Cabo Verde
  4. Comoros
  5. Guinea-Bissau
  6. Iran
  7. Kyrgyzstan
  8. Madagascar
  9. Malawi
  10. Maldives
  11. Marshall Islands
  12. Mauritania
  13. Mauritius
  14. Mozambique
  15. Nepal
  16. Nicaragua
  17. Palau
  18. Papua New Guinea
  19. Senegal
  20. Seychelles
  21. Somalia
  22. Sri Lanka
  23. Saint Lucia
  24. Tanzania
  25. Timor-Leste
  26. Togo
  27. Trinidad and Tobago
  28. Tuvalu
  29. Uganda

Criteria for Without Visa Entry

If you’re a fully-vaccinated Filipino passport holder, you’re in luck! You can enter the Philippines visa-free. However, there are a few conditions you must fulfill.

  1. Firstly, you must provide a negative laboratory-based Rapid Antigen Test result within 24 hours before departure from your country of origin. Alternatively, you can undergo testing upon arrival at the airport. These measures are in place to ensure the safety and health of all travelers.
  2. For visa-required foreign nationals, you may apply for a visa at the Embassy before your trip. This allows you to enter the Philippines without any hassle.
  3. Indian nationals with valid AJACSSUK visas traveling for tourism or leisure can enter the Philippines without a visa. The maximum period of stay allowed is fourteen (14) days.
  4. Similarly, Chinese nationals with valid AJACS visas traveling for tourism or leisure can also enter the Philippines visa-free. However, their maximum stay is limited to seven (7) days.
  5. It’s important to note that while a SINGAPORE visa/residency is not included in the AJACS visa exemption, business travelers will still need to secure appropriate visas before entering the Philippines.

These criteria for without visa entry are put in place to ensure a smooth and efficient travel experience for all visitors to the Philippines. So, fulfill the requirements and enjoy your free journey to this beautiful country.

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