Legal Translation Ajman | Everything You Deserve to Know

Legal Translation Ajman | Everything You Deserve to Know

Legal Translation Ajman | Everything You Deserve to Know
Interpreter Dubai December 10, 2022

The fifth-largest city in the United Arab Emirates, Ajman, has a thriving economy. It should be no surprise that millions of people travel here each year for business worldwide.

While English is widely spoken worldwide and Arabic is the local language in the United Arab Emirates, it does cause language obstacles. Many businesses offer Legal Translation Ajman services to remove these hurdles to communication between locals and visitors.

Legal translation means to translate legal papers. Any form of the document may be included in this, such as patents, wills, proposals, contracts, certificates, court orders, etc.

However, the translator must preserve the document’s format because any legal document that is translated will eventually be used in court proceedings. A legal translator must be aware of the requirements for any legal translation to do this.

Aspects That Should Be Taken into Consideration for Legal Translation Ajman

Here are some characteristics that need to be accounted for legal translation Ajman:

1. The Legal Document’s Nature and Its Discourse

Each legal document has its distinctive speech. Any legal document’s text may be divided into three categories:

  • descriptive,
  • prescriptive, or
  • hybrid,

In this case, it will be both prescriptive and descriptive.

The sort of legal document that a translator is translating should be thoroughly understood. After translation, the document’s intended audience and legal implications must not alter.

2. UAE Legal System and The International Legal Order

All nations in the globe adhere to a few fundamental laws, yet each state has its legal system, which may be unique from other regions. A legal translator has to be well-versed in the local legal system. In this situation, the legal translator should be familiar with the UAE and global legal systems.

This is significant since it is not considered when legal papers are being created that they may be translated and still be relevant in another location. Legal translators should translate the text in a way that makes it admissible in court and make adjustments as needed by locating culturally appropriate replacements without altering the text’s intended meaning.

3. Authenticity of Legal Translation Ajman

The importance of this in legal translation cannot be overstated. Here, it refers to keeping the translated legal document’s impact on the intended audience the same as before. As not every term in one language has an equivalent in the other, a legal translator can make significant alterations to the legal document.

When translating a legal document from English to Arabic or vice versa, qualified translators thoroughly read, comprehend, and make the necessary revisions. However, in this case, they must always uphold the document’s integrity, which is a crucial aspect of legal translation Ajman.

4. Interpretation

Interpretation is another fundamental aspect of legal translation Ajman. Here, it indicates that even after a legal document has been translated, the intended audience should still be able to understand it easily. It should be clear and simple. Instead, it should be straightforward and understandable.

The Value of Legal Translation Ajman

Several people can profit from legal translation Ajman. For instance, persons who want to move to the UAE from another country in search of a better lifestyle or more chances may need legal translation services for various papers, including visas and migration certificates.

Then some come to the UAE to pursue higher education, or citizens wish to travel overseas for a more culturally enriching educational experience. They will have to translate official papers like their credentials, student visas, etc.

Lastly, we have aspiring business people. Legal translation services are crucial for those wishing to launch or grow their businesses in the UAE. Many legal papers must be translated, including proposals, new contracts, employment agreements, patents, etc.

It is also crucial to note that legal translation is quite significant in business. The kind of legal translator employed and his potential significantly impact the company’s success, to the point where it may make or destroy a company.

Essential Skills of Good Legal Translators

Translating the text from one language to another involves more than merely modifying the script. It calls for expertise that comes with knowledge. Additionally, if it is a legal translation, it becomes one of the most difficult duties to complete.

Employing a legal translator who excels in his profession is crucial. He needs to have a good deal of past legal experience. He ought to have some prior experience working in the legal field.

Possess a thorough and precise awareness of the many case types that are frequent in this field as well as the judicial setting. Should be well-versed in all applicable laws, regulations, and attorney requirements.

Integrity is a crucial trait of a competent leader translator. Any job involving legal papers is frequently extremely delicate and private. Thus, a legal translator must always put his client’s privacy and security first.

The materials should also be accurately translated. When translated, it is crucial that they convey the same message as they did the first time around without sacrificing any crucial details.

Finally, another factor that differentiates a great legal translation from an average one is experience. Before engaging a legal translator for Legal translation Ajman, ensure they have several years of legal expertise. This will guarantee that you work with a fluent person in both languages and the law. It will also help you avoid issues that arise when working with inexperienced persons, such as their inability to handle stress, deadlines, or pressure.


Before employing translators for legal translation Ajman, you must consider several factors about legal translation and the legal translator.


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