Interpretation Services in Dubai

Interpretation Services in Dubai

At Sim-Trans, we have a lot of experience interpreting for Dubai-based organizations and businesses, which makes us one of the best interpretation service providers in Dubai. We work with a network of experienced and professional interpreters who have worked in the field our client needs. Even if you need Interpretation Services in Dubai for a doctor’s appointment or a media studio, our team is ready to help.

As a translation company in Dubai, we have a network of skilled interpreters who speak more than 140 languages. We can offer exceptional interpretation services in nearly any language combination for businesses in the city. Contact us today to learn more about what we do.


Interpretation Equipment

Interpretation equipment

Interpretation equipment refers to the tool and technology used to facilitate the real-time translation of spoken language from one to another. When multilingual communication is essential, this device is required, such as:

We provide a variety of options to satisfy your particular needs. Everything from headsets, wireless microphones, receivers, AV equipment, booths, and language distribution systems to interpreting consoles. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures flawless interpretation services.


Interpretation Booth

Interpretation booth

Interpretation booth is a designated space equipped with audio gear for simultaneous translation during multilingual events, facilitating seamless communication between participants who speak different languages. For conference and event environments, our soundproof booths are essential. They guarantee that interpreters may concentrate on their work without outside distractions by providing a quiet, private setting.


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Dubai Office: +971 (54) 403-4701

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Cost-Effective Interpretation Services in Dubai

Sim-trans provides a cost-effective solution for overcoming language barriers without breaking the bank. Unlike hiring full-time multilingual staff or investing in language learning courses, Sim-trans interpretation services in Dubai offer flexible, pay-as-you-go interpretation services tailored to your needs.

Affordable for individuals and businesses, pay only for what you use in business meetings, tourism, or daily communication. Enjoy seamless cross-cultural communication in Dubai with Sim-trans, where cost-effectiveness meets excellence.


Interpreting Services in Dubai

Any business that sells goods or services to people in other countries needs to communicate quickly and accurately. A professional interpreting service may be needed when you want to talk to a business. Partners, investors, or customers who speak another language. But this isn’t always true. Having a professional, native interpreter who can make sure your message is clear is the best way to make sure your message is heard.

In today’s fast-paced, globalized world, it’s important to be able to effectively communicate information about your business to the people you want to reach. It doesn’t matter whether you need to translate your speech at a business meeting or at a conference. Interpreting services should be part of your plan. It can be important to work directly with an interpreter who can not only accurately convey your message, but also understand your business sector and the people you want to reach.


Our Interpreting Services Include:


Types of Interpretation Services

Here are many kinds of interpretation services.

1.     Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation involves the interpreter conveying the message in real-time while the speaker is talking. This type is commonly used in large conferences and events, where participants require immediate language translation without disrupting the presentation flow.

2.     Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation occurs after the speaker has finished a segment of their speech. The interpreter then relays the translated message to the audience. This method suits smaller meetings, interviews, or discussions, allowing for a more natural exchange between parties.

3.     Whispering Interpretation

Translators use this type of interpretation when they hear a piece of spoken language from a client and then whisper that information back. Smaller meetings and seminars are where whispering services are used the most.

4.     Conference Interpretation

Conference interpreting is done live, and there is no way to make a mistake, so it’s very important. Our conference interpreters specialize in certain business fields to do the job quickly and accurately. We can help you plan the event, provide the interpreting equipment, and translate the material in advance.

5.     Court/Legal Interpretation

Court or legal interpreting services are only provided in the UAE. Our legal interpreters in Dubai are all registered with the Ministry of Justice. Our interpreters specialize in specific areas of law.

6.     Remote Interpretation

Utilizing technology for virtual translation via video or phone enhances accessibility and flexibility in communication for participants not physically present at events.


Our Interpreters in Dubai

Our interpreters in Dubai are truly the heart of our Sim-trans services. Additionally our interpreters are proficient in numerous languages and well-versed in various cultural nuances. Each interpreter has been meticulously selected for their linguistic expertise and professional manner.

They undergo rigorous training to ensure real-time, accurate translations, facilitating smooth communication regardless of language barriers. With our interpreters, you can navigate Dubai’s multicultural landscape with ease.


Book An Interpreter in Dubai – Interpreting Services

Tell us about the situation, and we’ll take care of the rest. We will find the best solution for you and let you know how much it will cost. Our interpreter are briefed from us before the meeting so that we can get the best out of him or her. Send us an email at or give us a call at a +971 (50) 883 1906.


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Dubai Office: +971 (54) 403-4701

Abu Dhabi Office: +971 (50) 155 6228+971 (50) 883 1906

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: +966-56-2381937

Deggendorf, Germany: +49(991)9999-9944

Giza, Egypt: +20 (109) 838 7157



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