What is Equivalency Certificate UAE?

What is Equivalency Certificate UAE?

What is Equivalency Certificate UAE?
Interpreter Dubai April 4, 2024

Suppose you plan to study or work in the United Arab Emirates. In that case, you may have encountered the term “Equivalency Certificate.” This document is crucial in validating your educational qualifications from your home country and ensuring they are recognized in the UAE. It is a legal requirement for anyone seeking employment or higher education in the country, and obtaining it can be lengthy.

In this blog post, we will explore the significance of a certificate in the UAE and provide a comprehensive guide.


What is Equivalency Certificate UAE?

An Equivalency Certificate, also known as a Certificate of Recognition, is a document issued by the UAE Ministry of Education (MoE). This certificate verifies that your academic degree obtained outside the UAE meets the MoE educational standards and aligns with international academic benchmarks.

This certification is essential for individuals who have completed their education abroad and wish to pursue further studies, apply for professional licenses, or seek employment within the UAE. It verifies the authenticity and level of foreign educational qualifications and aligns them with local academic and professional criteria.


The Importance and Role of Equivalence Certificate


This certificate is crucial for individuals aiming to validate their educational qualifications obtained abroad within the United Arab Emirates. It ensures fairness and transparency in recognizing diverse academic credentials, enabling access to UAE education, employment, and professional opportunities.


This certificate is an official validation document that equates foreign educational qualifications to UAE counterparts. It streamlines the integration of international qualifications into the UAE’s academic and professional systems, maintaining quality standards and facilitating seamless transitions for individuals seeking to pursue further education or career advancement within the country.


Why is it Important?

Having a UAE equivalence certificate is crucial if you’re planning to:

1.     Pursue Higher Education

Many universities in the UAE require this certificate for admission purposes.

2.     Seek Employment

Some professions may necessitate an equivalency certificate to demonstrate your qualifications meet local standards.

3.     Obtain a UAE Visa

Certain visa types, like the Golden Visa, might require proof of your educational qualifications through an equivalence certificate.

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Who Needs an Equivalency Certificate?

Anyone holding an academic qualification from outside the UAE, including a high School Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, or Doctorate Degree, applying for a UAE Golden Visa may need a certificate depending on their goals in the UAE (further studies, employment, etc.).


How to Apply for an Equivalency Certificate?

The application process involves several steps:

1.     Documents Required

You’ll need your original degree certificate, documentary evidence of studies abroad, transcripts, original passport and attested photocopies, and a verification document issued by the country’s embassy where you obtained your degree (ensure the embassy has an agreement with the MoE for this service).

Note: “Across all applications, will require a graduation certificate and transcripts for your last three years of study.”

For more information, click here.

2.     Application Process

Here are two steps:

  1. Obtain a hard copy of the certificate application from the IBCC office or download it from their website. Fill out the form accurately, provide all necessary information, and attach the required documents.
  2. Applications can submitted electronically through the MoE website.

3.     Fees

The associated fee for processing the application is 50 AED.

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Eligibility Criteria for Applying

To qualify for a UAE Equivalence Certificate, applicants must have graduated from a recognized institution in their home country, meeting educational standards equivalent to those in the UAE.

Required documents include authenticated diplomas, transcripts, and identification papers. Note that criteria may vary by education level and country of origin, so it’s essential to review current guidelines from the UAE Ministry of Education before applying.

Additional Information

  • Validity of the Certificate: This certificate is generally valid for one year.
  • Contact Information: You can contact the MoE’s Department for further inquiries. Click here to contact Moe.

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