Document Translation in Dubai

Document Translation in Dubai

Document Translation in Dubai , such as legal, medical, personal, business, and more, needs the help of professional translators. It’s easy to get professional document translation services from Sim-Trans because they have all the people needed to do a good job at a good price. There are translators and proofreaders on our team who have all the skills they need to translate any kind of paper.

Professional Document Translation Services in Dubai

We offer professional document translation services in Dubai for any kind of document or file. Whether they are written or presented in any way, we will accept them. Our translators can help you with any type of document, whether it’s written by hand, typed, or encoded by computer. It doesn’t matter if you send us an image, a pdf, a digital document or anything else. We’ll take care of the rest for you. We make sure our translations are correct, precise, and of the best quality.

People who work at Sim-Trans are all professionals. We also use project managers to make sure our customers get the best service possible. You can be sure that all of our services meet the standards set by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization), and we are also very happy to be part of the ATA (American Translators Association). We follow all the rules and regulations set by these groups for all of our services.

We’ve also been able to make our own web-based project management system so that our customers can get to all of our services more quickly. The system has a lot of features, like a 24/7 live chat for customer service help, a free online word count and price quote, an online direct invoice, and many more. Our customers can also look at past projects and the progress of projects that are still going on on our website.

Document translation for immigration

Sim-Trans does a great job translating documents for immigration. It is very important that the documents are organized and presented in a certain way when they are going through immigration systems in any country.

When your immigration office wants your documents to be just the way they are, you should come to us for help!

We have been making documents that get through immigration offices quickly for a long time. We get a lot of different documents from people who need help with immigration.

First, you should mention the immigration office that you are going to send the paper to.  The immigration office to which you send the document will help you if you start your talk by mentioning it. Describe all the rules that your office has set up.

There are a lot of things you need to tell us about your documents in the background. It is important to know what you want to do with the translation before you start it. As long as you have a specific goal in mind for your submission, you should tell us about it!

Business document translation Services in Dubai

We have a lot of experience translating business documents because we help our clients start new businesses all over the world. Every day, we see how the business culture and the differences in the native countries of the businessmen work against the target culture. We know how to make your business ventures work with our translations. This is what we do:

We translate a lot of business documents for our clients. To be clear, this is what we tell our clients when they come in to us with a document:

As soon as you send us the documents, explain your goals. This is the best way to get what you want. Putting the goals in an email is a good idea, but if you’re too busy, don’t worry! When you give us the information, you can just tell us what you want to say.

Take a look at the content and write down everything you want your translation to be like in a note. Specifications: The best translations are those we do with as many specifics for the translation as we can come up with. Take a look at the content and write down everything you want your translation to be like in a note. You can be sure that we will keep them in mind and give you the best translation.

Timeline: Businessmen need to keep track of things. It is best if you get your business documents translated early on in the project so that you don’t have to pay extra for rush service.

With these tips, you will have the best time and be the most successful when you use our services!

Document translation services for any need

It doesn’t matter what kind of document you have. We can translate word documents, PDFs, images, and more. Document translations aren’t the only thing we do. We also do a lot of other things, like:

Sim-Trans will cater to any document translation and other translation services for various fields, industries, and areas including the following:

Ready to take on any task, no matter its size

Do you have a document that needs to be translated right now, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on it? Are you translating something that needs to be done very well? We’re here to make sure that you get the translation in Dubai you need quickly and at a good price.

As a translation company, we’ve got the best team in the world. Our live connection with more than 2,000 professional translators lets us translate from and into more than 250 languages. Gems: We have so many because we hire the best freelance translators and give them a stress-free work environment where they can work on any document, in any field, without having to worry about anything else.

Whether it’s a small paper or a big one, we can translate it. There are a lot of things that our Subject Matter Experts can do, and we are here to make sure that accurate document translation services are available to any and all clients without breaking their budget.

Document translation services online

There is a lot of demand for translation services today. People from different countries need to talk to each other and make the world a small place. Immigration, business growth, educational and medical research are some of the most common reasons that people need professional translation services, but they aren’t the only ones.

online document translation services in Dubai

For online document translation services that have the qualities you want, Universal Translation Services is the place for you to go. We are a group of professional translators and editors, and we work with all kinds of documents. We don’t change the format, theme, or idea of the document, no matter how complicated or technical they are. Sim-Trans can help you translate documents that are handwritten, computer-encoded, or typewritten. Regardless of what format you want to use, Sim-Trans can help you get it done at the best price.


Most of the translation companies charge you by the word or by the page for their work. A lot of companies charge based on the difficulty of the document, the subject, or the language in which the text has to be translated. Every page costs $20 to $60, and each word costs from $0.07 to $0.35. If you want to know how much it will cost, you need to send in your file.


You should choose a professional translation company. Companies that print thousands of manuals, for example, for their products, will choose a translation company while small translations of emails or letters will be done by freelance translators. If you only need to know the content of the document that is written in a foreign language, you can use google translate, for example.


People who want to move to the United Arab emirates have to send in documents from other countries that have to be written in English. A certified translation is needed in this case, so One of the things that a Certified Translation comes with is a letter.


There must be an email sent to the document translation company asking them to help you with your document. They need to see the document before they start translating it, and they need to know which language you need it to be in. In an email, you will get a price for the translation and when it will be done. After the payment has been made, the company will start translating the text.


All document translation services that need to be presented to Sim-Trans need to be a certified translation. A certified translation is a translation that is performed by an ATA Translation company or an ATA certified translator. Sim-Trans will not accept your own made translation.


You need to present to Sim-Trans a document package consist of a certificate of translation, a copy of the document, and the translation all stamped and signed by the translation company or the freelance translator. Check this link to see what  our certificate of translation looks like.

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