How Much Does MOFA Attestation Fees in Dubai, UAE?

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How Much Does MOFA Attestation Fees in Dubai, UAE?

How Much Does MOFA Attestation Fees in Dubai, UAE?
Interpreter Dubai February 7, 2024

Are you planning to move to Dubai, UAE for work or study purposes? If so, you may have heard about the process of attestation and its importance. Attestation is a crucial step for foreigners looking to use their documents in the UAE, whether it’s for employment, education, or any other legal matter.

Well, look no further! In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details of MoFA attestation fees in Dubai and provide you with all the necessary information and how Sim-trans can help you navigate this process smoothly and efficiently.


What is Attestation?

Attestation is the process of providing evidence or confirmation to verify the authenticity, accuracy, or validity of something, such as a document, statement, identity, or technological element.

It can be applied in various contexts, including legal, financial, and technological fields. Here are a few common uses of the term “Attestation”

  • Legal Attestation
  • Financial Attestation
  • Technology and Security Attestation
  • Identity Attestation


Understanding the Basics of Attestation in Dubai

Attestation in Dubai is a crucial procedure for authenticating educational or personal documents. This process involves the verification of the originality of your papers by authorized bodies, ensuring they are legitimate and can be used in Dubai.

Essentially, it is a way of certifying that the information on your documents is accurate and truthful. Sim-trans provides professional attestation services, making the process easier for individuals moving to the UAE.

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Types of Attestation Services

In Dubai, attestation services typically fall into three categories: educational, personal, and commercial.

1.     Educational Attestation

Educational attestation verifies documents like diplomas and transcripts.

2.     Personal Attestation

Personal attestation authenticates documents such as marriage or birth certificates.

3.     Commercial Attestation

Commercial attestation is for business-related documents like contracts and company registrations.

Sim-trans offers comprehensive documents attestation services in Dubai in all these categories, ensuring your documents are legally recognized in the UAE.


Factors that Influence Attestation Fee in Dubai

Several factors influence the fee of attestation in Dubai.

  1. The type of Document, whether educational, personal, or commercial, can affect the fee.
  2. Rush services or translation may incur additional charges.
  3. Also, the country where the Document originates may affect the fee due to varying embassy charges.

Always consider these factors when budgeting for attestation.


How Much Does MOFA Attestation Fees in Dubai, UAE?

According to MoFA the attestation services fee in Dubai can vary.

1.     Educational Attestation

The fees of educational documents attestation is 150 AED.

2.     Personal Attestation

The fees of  all personal documents attestation is 150 AED.

3.     Commercial Attestation

The fees of  all commercial documents attestation is 2000 AED.

Keep in mind that anyone can attest documents on your behalf. To avail of attestation services in UAE missions abroad, you are advised to contact the nearest UAE MoFa. All customers can now submit transactions related to MoFA’s attestation service through the Ministry’s official website and the UAE MOFA smart application.

However, all terms and conditions must be fulfilled before using the website and application. All this information is derived from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai, UAE.


Benefits of Hiring a Sim-Trans Attestation Service Provider

Choosing Sim-trans for your attestation needs provides a streamlined and hassle-free experience. Our team of experts ensures accurate and timely attestation, helping you avoid common pitfalls.

We handle the complexities of dealing with various authorized bodies and provide updates throughout the process. We save you time and alleviate the stress associated with attestation. Trust Sim-trans to make your move to Dubai seamless.


How Much is the MoFA Attestation Fee in UAE?

For personal documents such as birth or marriage certificates, the fee is AED 150. Meanwhile, for commercial documents, such as business contracts or company registrations, the attestation fee is AED 2000. To see more document attestation fees Click Here.


How Can I Attest to My Documents in the UAE?

  1. To attest your documents in the UAE, start by registering on the MoFAIC portal.
  2. Next, apply for MOFA attestation in Dubai and await the application review.
  3. After approval, pay the MOFA attestation fee.
  4. Lastly, collect your attested documents via courier delivery.

Please remember to have all required documents ready for a smooth process.

At Sim-trans, we can handle the entire attestation process on your behalf, ensuring accuracy and saving you time.

Required Document

  1. For successful attestation in Dubai, your Document must be in English or Arabic.
  2. If it’s in another language, you must provide an official translation.
  3. The appropriate governing bodies must previously attest to the Documents.
  4. It is crucial to remember that the Document should be kept from being laminated, as this may hinder the attestation process.

Terms and Condition

  1. Customers must provide valid and correct information for attestation and will be held legally accountable if found otherwise.
  2. Only complete or accurate applications will be considered.
  3. If you’re in a host country without a UAE mission, please contact the MOFA Call Centre or visit the “Contact Us” tab on their website for assistance.

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