Marriage certificate translation in Dubai

Marriage certificate translation in Dubai

Marriage Certificate Translation in Dubai

We offer Marriage certificate translation in Dubai. English to Arabic translation in Dubai, Arabic to English translation services in Dubai for all sectors and all types of document. Our team of experienced and highly qualified Marriage certificate translation and interpreters will help our clients to convey their message successfully to the other speaking audience.

After the civil registration of marriage. The government department will issue a legal document called a marriage certificate. That is very important all over the world. This document is called a marriage certificate. It is required in a number of situations, such as when you apply for a visa or when you apply for immigration.

In all countries, if a married couple is applying for a visa. They have to send in their marriage certificate translated into the official language of the country. This proves that married couples who are applying for a family visa are really together. Using a translation service in Dubai. You can get your marriage certificate changed to English in a way that the immigration department can accept.

A new rule in Dubai says that when you apply for a family visa. You need to show that your marriage certificate has been translated into Arabic. People in Dubai no longer accept documents written in English.

Marriage Certificate Translation Services Dubai

Marriage certificate translation in Dubai, UAE

The translation of marriage certificates should done very carefully and with a lot of trust. They should have all the documents they need to apply for a family visa translated into Arabic by a legal translator.

Choosing a reliable translation service is good. Because it shows that the Legal translation Dubai and used by the government. The Arabian Business Center is a trustworthy and well-known source for professional translation services.

We have a lot of experience with high-quality document translation services in all kinds of fields. Like legal, financial, medical, technical, and so on. All kinds of contracts, agreements, corporate documents, personal documents.

Marriage certificate translation from English to Arabic

An official document that includes information about the bride and groom is called a marriage certificate. It includes things like the date and place of marriage as well as information about the bride and groom’s full names as well as their ages and where they live.

Process of Marriage Certificate Translation Dubai 

A lot of work and attention must be put into the translation, even though it may seem simple. Following these steps will help you find a company that translates for you.

  1. Receive a picture of the certificate.
  2. transform the picture into an editable format
  3. extract the text and translate it
  4. send a draft translation to the client so he/ she could check the names and the dates
  5. once approved by the client, the translation company in Dubai will add the translated text back into the original template
  6. Then they certify the translation and send it to the client on the agreed delivery time.
  7. Some Translation agencies allow online payment with any credit or debit card.

The translation must be:

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