UAE Jobs: Hiring Job Seekers Demand More Flexibility in the Local Market

UAE Jobs: Hiring Job Seekers Demand More Flexibility in the Local Market

UAE Jobs: Hiring Job Seekers Demand More Flexibility in the Local Market
Interpreter Dubai July 18, 2023

Great news published on Khaleej Times for all jobseekers who live in UAE. In the UAE, hiring has recovered after dropping at the beginning of the year as the local employment market experienced a corrective phase. The hiring rate increased in May compared to the same month last year and has remarkably increased 46 percent compared to pre-pandemic May 2019.

However, the country experienced a decline at the beginning of this year. This is evidence of the job market’s recovery and the emergence of new opportunities, according to Ali Matar, head of EMEA growth markets at LinkedIn.

Current Job Market in UAE

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The job market in the UAE has seen a significant increase in hiring after experiencing a decline at the beginning of the year. According to Ali Matar, the head of EMEA growth markets at LinkedIn. The hiring rate in the UAE grew by 4.2 percent in May compared to the same time last year.

He further stated that the hiring rate has grown by an impressive 46 percent compared to pre-pandemic May 2019, showcasing the recovery of the job market and the emergence of new opportunities.

Various sectors have experienced exponential growth post-pandemic, creating more job opportunities such as:

  • aviation
  • real estate
  • travel
  • tourism

This trend continued in June, with the UAE’s job market expanding for the 14th month. While remote job postings declined by 4.1 percent in May, there was a significant increase of 25.2 percent in hybrid job postings. This indicates a shift towards a hybrid work model, where employees can work remotely and in the office.

Ali Matar noted a disconnect between what employers offer regarding work flexibility and what employees demand. This highlights the increasing demand for flexibility in working hours and locations among job seekers in the UAE.

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Challenges for Jobseekers

In the current job market in the UAE, job seekers face several challenges, particularly when finding positions that offer the flexibility they desire. On the other hand, employers need to be more flexible, which creates a disconnect between what seekers prioritize and what employers are willing to offer.

According to Matar, a certified translation document specialist, “On the work flexibility front, one of the perks of the pandemic, we witnessed a disconnect between what employers are instituting and what employees are demanding.” This disconnect is evident in the plans of UAE executives, as 44% intend to reduce work flexibility in 2023.

This reduced work flexibility can pose significant challenges for jobseekers who value balancing their personal and professional lives. Many seekers have become accustomed to remote work or flexible working hours during the pandemic, and they now prioritize these benefits when considering potential job opportunities.

Without the flexibility they desire, job seekers may find it difficult to find positions that align with their needs and preferences. They may need to compromise or adapt their expectations to secure employment, which can be frustrating and disheartening.

Demand for Flexibility in Working Hours

In recent years, there has been a growing demand for flexibility in working hours among job seekers in the UAE. With a fast-paced lifestyle and the need to balance work and personal commitments, many professionals seek opportunities that offer more control over their time.

One of the main challenges for seekers in the UAE is the long and tough working hours typically expected in many industries. This can make it difficult for individuals to meet personal obligations, such as childcare or attending family events. As a result, many job seekers are now prioritizing flexibility in their job search.

Flexibility in working hours allows professionals to manage their time better and achieve a healthier work-life balance. This enhances their overall well-being and increases job satisfaction and productivity. It gives them more control over their personal lives, ultimately contributing to a higher quality of life.

Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift towards remote work, increasing the demand for flexibility. Many companies have recognized the benefits of remote work, including reduced commuting time and increased productivity.

Shift Towards Remote Work

Remote Work


Remote job postings declined by 4.1 percent in May, marking the 13th consecutive month of decrease. On the other hand, hybrid job postings, which offer a mix of remote and in-person work, have seen a notable increase of 25.2 percent in May 2023 compared to last year.

This shift towards remote work aligns with the demand for flexibility from job seekers. While employers are looking to reduce work flexibility, research conducted by LinkedIn indicates that seekers in the UAE still prioritize flexible jobs. This discrepancy between employer offerings and employee demands highlights the need for employers to re-examine their work models.

Employers must consider incorporating more flexibility into their work arrangements to attract and retain top talent. This could include offering flexible working hours, allowing remote work options, or implementing hybrid work models. By providing these flexible options, employers can appeal to job seekers who value work-life balance and adaptability.

Flexibility as a Benefit for Employers

The demand for flexible working hours in the UAE job market isn’t just a win for job seekers – employers also stand to gain from it. Flexibility can increase productivity, as workers can better balance work and personal responsibilities. Moreover, flexible arrangements can reduce costs, as companies can provide less office space or other resources.

Remote work, which has become increasingly popular due to COVID-19, also offers many benefits for employers. With the rise of digital tools, managing remote teams is easier than ever. Moreover, remote work can broaden the available talent pool, as employers can recruit from anywhere worldwide.

Providing flexibility can also be a powerful tool for retaining top talent. When employees feel that their employer cares about their needs and well-being. They are likelier to be loyal and committed to their work. In addition, offering flexibility can help companies stand out from their competitors, giving them an edge in attracting the best candidates.

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