What Are Interpretation Services, And When Should You Use Them?

What Are Interpretation Services, And When Should You Use Them?

What Are Interpretation Services, And When Should You Use Them?
Interpreter Dubai March 31, 2023

Interpretation services are invaluable for any business or organization with language barriers. Whether you need to bridge the gap between two languages during a meeting, conference, or another event. Understanding the different types of interpretation services available is key.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the main types of interpretation services and when you should use them.


Interpretation Services

Interpretation services bridge two languages, allowing conversations to flow freely in any context. Interpreters are used for many forums, from large conferences to informal meetings, legal proceedings, and medical appointments. Sim-Trans offers interpretation services Dubai, UAE, and other countries worldwide.

Consecutive interpretation is used in one-on-one or small-group settings. The interpreter takes notes while one person speaks, then interprets their message after speaking. This interpretation is often used in:

  • Court cases,
  • Business meetings, and
  • Diplomatic negotiations.

Simultaneous interpretation is ideal for large conferences and meetings. The interpreter listens and speaks simultaneously, translating the message as it’s being said. This interpretation type is used in various contexts, including:

  • Conferences,
  • Lectures,
  • Seminars,
  • Training, and
  • Trade shows.

Sim-Trans also offers over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) services and remote video interpretation (VRI) solutions to clients. Who need an interpreter for remote meetings and conferences. In addition, we provide the following:

  • Escort/travel interpretation for patients seeking medical care in another country.
  • Travelers to foreign countries.
  • Hosts for people from another country.

We have experienced interpreters in Dubai and UAE who can provide interpretation services in multiple languages.


Interpretation Services Dubai

Regarding Interpretation Services in UAE, no one can beat sim-trans legal translation. Based in Dubai, they provide professional interpretation services across the globe. They are the best choice for all interpretation needs, from simultaneous to consecutive and liaison interpretation.

The interpreters at sim-trans legal translation have trained in the best linguistic schools in the world and have native-like proficiency in both languages. Their rich experience, service quality, and affordable costs set them apart from other providers.

The interpreters at sim-trans legal translation have a cumulative experience of over 10 years each. They are well-versed in simultaneous, consecutive, whispering, and liaison interpretation techniques. Additionally, they possess a profound mastery of communication, listening, interpersonal skills, and conciseness.

Sim-trans legal translation provides interpreting services for:

  • Events,
  • Conferences,
  • Trade shows,
  • Written translation, and
  • Other language-related needs.

With interpreters in Dubai that guarantee accuracy and speed, you can be assured of top-notch interpretation services Dubai or anywhere else. For your next event or conference, hire an interpreter in Dubai from sim-trans legal translation.


Types Of Interpretation Services Dubai


interpretation services Dubai


Interpretation Services in UAE are specialized services that help people understand and communicate in different languages.

Several interpretation services are available in Dubai, including:

  1. Simultaneous interpretation services in Dubai,
  2. Consecutive interpretation services in Dubai,
  3. Liaison interpretation services, and
  4. Over-the-phone interpretation services.

1. Simultaneous Interpretation


Simultaneous interpretation


Simultaneous interpretation requires highly trained individuals who are bilingual and have complete knowledge of the subject of the speech. It is a service provided by highly experienced interpreters and requires specialized electronic equipment. Such as a wired listening station solution or a wireless transmitter/receiver solution with functionalities like a channel selector, volume control, and headphone.

In simultaneous interpretation, interpreters need to be in a sound-proof booth and interpret the speech or message simultaneously while the speaker is still talking. This type of interpretation usually requires a pair of interpreters in separate booths if the audience is a mixture of many language-speaking participants.

Simultaneous interpretation helps bridge language and cultural barriers. Professional and experienced interpreters are essential for successful simultaneous interpretation services.

2. Consecutive Interpretation


Consecutive interpretation


Consecutive interpretation services in Dubai are a type of interpretation that requires the interpreter to wait until the speaker has finished speaking before providing the interpretation in the target language. The interpreter will take notes during the session to accurately convey the speech in the target language.

Consecutive interpreting does not require special equipment, unlike simultaneous interpretation. Which requires soundproof booths and headsets for the interpreters and the individual’s requesting interpretation.

Consecutive interpreting services are ideal for small events or settings where only two people need to communicate directly but do not share a common language. This type of interpreting service only requires one interpreter per language pair, which is more cost-efficient than simultaneous interpreting. Which usually requires a team of interpreters.

With consecutive interpreting, language barriers between two people can easily be eliminated so that communication can flow freely.

3. Liaison Interpretation

Liaison interpretation is an informal way of interpreting someone is saying in a foreign language. It is the most popular type of interpretation service and is used for visiting delegations, business meetings, tourists, etc. This type of interpretation is carried out simultaneously with the conversation and is suitable for shorter periods.

Sim-Trans legal translation has a team of expert liaison interpreters capable of handling various situations. Our interpreters are native speakers of two or more languages and well-versed in various subjects. They are also trained to adopt various styles of interpretation, like consecutive and simultaneous.

Sim-Trans interpreters are unobtrusive, quick, and accurate. They understand how to interpret conversations accurately without changing the meaning of the source language.

Moreover, our interpreters have experience working with a wide range of clientele and have successfully assisted our clients with their interpretation needs for many years.

4. Over-the-Phone Interpretation


Over-the-Phone interpretation


Over-the-phone interpreters are highly skilled professionals providing translation and interpreting services over the telephone. This service is a viable option for clients who need language services but do not have access to an in-person interpreter.

Over-the-phone interpreters can effectively mediate conversations with multiple callers or simply translate conversations among individuals in the same room.

This type of interpreting is particularly useful for clients who must communicate quickly and efficiently, especially in times of urgency or crisis. It is also beneficial for companies that need constant contact with their employees in different countries. Or when dealing with customer inquiries from around the world.

Some industries that benefit from this interpretation include:

  • Healthcare,
  • Legal services,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Banking,
  • Education, and
  • Social services.

Additionally, clients who need to discuss a private matter with someone who speaks a different language can use over-the-phone interpretation services.

It is important to note that when it comes to interpretation services, professional interpreters should always be used to avoid potential lawsuits or misunderstandings resulting from mistranslation.

Over-the-phone interpreters are typically trained in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation techniques, ensuring that accurate and timely translations are delivered.

Furthermore, these interpreters often specialize in certain industries, ensuring their knowledge of the particular field is current.

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